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Sato 6435-00 PH måler

Sato 6435-00 PH måler

varenr: 6435-00
Kr. 3200,-
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Håndholdt PH måler med automatisk temperaturkompensasjon. Måleområde 0-14 PH. 

Teknisk info
  • Standard probe PHP-31 is attached as a standard accessory 
  • Various sensors are provided. Available to select the probe suitable to your application
  • Three points calibration
    Calibration points (at 25°C) : 4.01, 6.86 and 10.01
  • Auto Power-Off
    The "Auto power-off" function turns off the unit 20 minutes after the power is turned on.
    This conserves battery life if you forget to turn off the unit.
  • Auto temperature compensation
    Once the PHP-31 sensor probe is connected to your SK-620PHII, it will perform automatic temperature compensation to produce more accurate pH measurements.
  • Backlight function when used in the dark place
  • Measured data are transmitted to a computer in real-time by RS-232C output  (RS-232C cable is optional)
  • Continuous measurement is available with AC adapter
  • Vinyl cover to protect the main body against water is attached
No.6435-00 Handy Type Digital pH meter Model SK-620PHII with Standard probe PHP-31
Measuring factors Hydrogen ion concentration (pH),  Temperature (liquid temp.)
Measuring range
(w/PHP-31 probe)
pH 0.00 to 14.00pH
Temp. 0.0 to 50.0°C
(w/PHP-31 probe)
pH ±(0.3+1digit)pH at 0 to 2pH
±(0.1+1digit)pH at 2 to 12pH
±(0.4+1digit)pH at 12 to 14pH
Temp. ±0.5°C at 20 to 30 °C
±0.7°C at other than above
Resolution pH 0.01pH
Temp. 0.1°C
Sensing elements pH: Glass electrode     Temperature: Thermistor
Functions (1) Calibration at three pH points (4.01, 6.86 and 10.01) at 25°C
(2) Auto power-Off
(3) Back light
(4) MAX/MIN, Memory
(5) Auto temperature compensation (ATC)
(6) Manual temperature setting
(7) RS-232C output
Operation ambient Temp.: 0 to 50°C Humidity: less than 80%rh (no condensing)
Power requirement 9VDC 6F22 (006P) battery or AC adaptor (optional)
Bettery life about 20 hours (continuous measurement)
Power requirement Case : ABS resin      Electrode :Glass

Dimensions and


Case (W)72 x (H)182 x (D)31.5mm 
approx. 220g (includes a battery)
Probe Ø12 x (L)135mm
approx. 76g   Cord: (L) 1m
Standard accessories (1) PHP-31 Probe
(2) Glass electrode protection bottle
(3) Standard liquid(Phthalate solution, neutral phosphate solution, Carbonate solution)
(4) One 006P battery (9VDC)
(5) Vinyl cover
(6) Carrying case
(7) Instruction manual


[No.6400-30 Standard probe PHP-31]
Measuring range pH: 0.00 to 14.00pH (usable at 0 to 50°C)
Temperature: 0 to 50°C
Accuracy pH: ±0.28pH at 0 to 2pH,  ±0.08pH at 2 to 12pH,   ±0.38pH at 12 to 14pH
Temp.: ±0.3°C at 20 to 30°C,   ±0.5°C at other range
Sensing element pH: Glass electrode (lead-free)/PVC
Temp.: Thermistor
Liquid junction Sleeve type
Internal liquid 3.3mol/L KCl (non-replenishable)
Materials Electrode holding tube: glass (lead-free)       Cord: PVC
Dimensions 12mm dia. ×135mm (L)  Cord length: 1m
Weight approx. 76g
Accessory Protection bottle for glass electrode

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