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VLM Salt Spray Kabinett Type SAL 600-TL

VLM Salt Spray Kabinett Type SAL 600-TL

varenr: SAL-600TL
Kr. 182000,-
(eks mva)

VLM Salt Spray Kabinett SAL 600-TL, kompakt topplastdesign, for gjennomføring av sprøytetester i henhold til ISO 9227, ASTM-B 117-73 og lignende testmetoder (for eksempel ASTM-G 85). Den er også egnet for konstant (høy) fuktighetstest i henhold til ISO 6270-2 CH

Teknisk info
Technical Specification:
Chamber capacity: ca. 600 L
Chamber inner dimensions (WxDxH1/H2): 910x740x690/1000 mm
Outer dimensions of the casing (WxDxH): 1430x790x1213 mm
Material: bottom made of stainless steel (coated with Halar®) to achive fast and even heat transfer into the chamber  
Side walls made of polypropylene, tansparent hood made of acrylic glass with dry silicon seal
Six (6) supporting rods for test specimens made of stainless steel and coated with plastic; load capacity is 30 kg each
Operating temperature from 5°C above ambient temperature up to max. + 55°C
Microprocessor based controller for regulating the temperature of the test chamber and of the humidifier
Option: RS 232 interface
Temperature stability: ±0,2°C
LED Display for set and actual temperature values (resolution: 0,1°C)
Electronically controlled membrane pump for an accurate and a constant flow rate which is independent from the pressure of the compressed air
Adjustable, high performance spray nozzle made of polycarbonate,  
Transparent humidifier with a heater (1000 W) and automatic water refill function. The humidifier consumes appr. 0,5 - 1 litre of demineralized water per day. Demineralized water must have the conductivity between 0,1µS/cm and 20µS/cm and the demi water supply must provide the pressure of 2-4 bar (for water purification plant please see accessories below).
Power supply: 230V, 50 Hz, 2000 W

The following is included in the system:
3m exhaust hose, ID 50mm
2m drain water hose, ID 32mm
3m hose for compressed air with fitting
Set for measuring the fall out rate and its uniformity
1x English operating manual
1  English wiring diagram no. 04222650
1  English fluid  diagram no. 04321100
1x 5 kg bag SaliCORR

Serial No.: #N
CT: 9027 8099 - Country of origin: Germany
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